Humans Apparently Discovered Weed 10,000 Years Ago

sweetleaf August 1, 2016 0
Humans Apparently Discovered Weed 10,000 Years Ago

Looks like our ancestors knew how to party.

Scientists from the German Archaeological Institute have published a report showing what they believe to be evidence that humans have been using marijuana since Europe’s glaciers began their final retreat 10,000 years ago, according to The Sunday Times. It was, literally, the Stone(d) Age.

Humans in Europe and Asia seemed to also simultaneously and independently discover the drug.

When the plant was first discovered, though, it wasn’t used as a hallucinogenic. Tribes reportedly picked the seeds for nutritional supplements and used the hemp fibers for clothing—meaning that drug rugs have actually been around for thousands of years.

Humans didn’t start drinking alcohol until about 3,000 years after they discovered the marijuana plant.

Cavemen: Getting stoned since 8,000 B.C.E.

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