Pennsylvania Legalizes Hemp

sweetleaf July 27, 2016 0
Pennsylvania Legalizes Hemp

Hemp, Inc. executives see more lucrative business opportunities as another state joins the 29 states that have already legalized industrial hemp. Pennsylvania Governor, Tom Wolf, signed into law a bill that would let the Pennsylvania Agriculture Department and institutions of higher education grow hemp for research purposes, directly or through approved contractors. According to the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Russ Diamond, large scale production could occur under the law’s research provisions. With the country’s largest industrial hemp processing facility and milling operation underway, Hemp, Inc. is strategically positioned as the leader in re-emerging industrial hemp industry to process industrial hemp and manufacture products made from hemp.

Hemp, Inc.’s ( OTC PINK : HEMP ) wholly owned subsidiary, Industrial Hemp Manufacturing, LLC (IHM), is in the final stages of completion. “Industrial hemp is reclaiming its rightful place in America as demand for this environmentally friendly natural fiber continues to increase due to the economic benefits. Pennsylvania, in particular, has a rich history of hemp farming dating back to the mid-1700s. One of its counties was even dubbed ‘Hempfield.’ Now, more and more states are realizing the importance of hemp and its tie to our American culture,” said David Schmitt, COO of IHM.

Hemp is one of the world’s most durable fibers for textiles and can also be used to manufacture biodegradable plastics, building materials, food, paper, environmental and energy products. “You typically see a lot of companies overseas opting for hemp and hemp-based materials and more farmers cultivating the plant in between growing seasons as a cover crop to keep valuable nutrients in the soil. This continues to prove the hemp revolution is not only unstoppable but relentless. Hemp, Inc. has its commercial decortication facility in place to soon fill the increased demand for processing the fiber and will also be able to deploy portable decorticators to more and more farmers as they begin to grow hemp,” says Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Hemp, Inc. ( OTC PINK : HEMP ).

So far, David Schmitt, COO of Hemp, Inc.’s Industrial Hemp Manufacturing, LLC, updated shareholders that the milling machinery is in its permanent location so that it can be secured into place. He also had meetings last week with the air handler manufacturer to ascertain when they can expect the machinery on-site. “Once the air handler and dust collector are on-site, we’re looking to hire specialized contractors to assist with securing all of the equipment in place, which should save us over 3 to 4 weeks in time. While I can’t say the exact date of when the air handler and dust collector will be onsite, once it is here, my best guestimate would be 3 weeks for us to have both mills operational,” said Schmitt, previously.

Once the milling machinery is operational, Hemp, Inc. will be able to produce their Lost Circulation Materials (LCMs) and other oil absorbent products while the decortication machinery continues to be built. “Our 70,000 square foot commercial industrial hemp processing facility and milling operation, on 9 acres makes Hemp, Inc. the largest industrial hemp processor and manufacturer in America and with the addition of our milling facility to produce other hemp-based products, we have strategically expanded our worldwide industrial base,” said Bruce Perlowin, CEO of Hemp, Inc. ( OTC PINK :HEMP ).

Shareholders can expect lucrative business opportunities for Hemp, Inc. in the Spring of 2017 because the company is looking to possibly grow and harvest a very large hemp crop on up to 50,000 acres which can all be processed at Hemp, Inc.’s industrial hemp processing facility.

Perlowin is also incorporating hemp growing, CBD-producing “communities” or “villages.” In addition to his 2,000 acres in Arizona, where he’s building veteran villages on 500 of those acres, he recently visited upstate New York to talk with potential farmers about growing hemp. Now that Pennsylvania is legal, Perlowin will be there as well to look for 500-acre parcels. “These Kins Communities will consist of hemp grown on 400 acres consisting of 160 lots of 2 1/2 acre Kins Domains (eco-villages) each growing 1 acre of hemp as well as having organic gardens, natural beehives, a pond, a living fence and other elements that consist of a Kins Domain. Additionally, two separate 50-acre parcels of hemp will be grown on these Veteran village Kins Communities with a planned on-site 100,000 square foot hemp CBD processing plant.”

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