Company Targets Blossoming Industry With AmeriCanna Cafe Fast-Casual Concept

sweetleaf July 26, 2016 0
Company Targets Blossoming Industry With AmeriCanna Cafe Fast-Casual Concept

North American Cannabis Holdings, Inc. (USMJ) today announced its $2 million AmeriCanna Cafe 12-month revenue rollout plan targeting multi-brand quick-serve restaurant operators.

In a first step toward developing a cannabis themed restaurant for the health conscious consumer, North American Cannabis Holdings last year acquired a fitness cafe with a full breakfast, lunch and dinner menu.  The acquired fitness cafe includes a national brand named smoothie product.  The operation of the acquired fitness cafe has provided North American Cannabis Holdings with a platform for developing its AmeriCanna Cafe concept.  The Company realized approximately $500,000 in sales over the previous 12 months operating the fitness cafe.

North American Cannabis Holdings is now launching a campaign to franchise and license the AmeriCanna Cafe as a cannabis themed, fast casual concept to targeted multi-brand quick-serve restaurant operators.

Fast casual restaurants are a hybrid of fast food and casual dining restaurants. Fast casual restaurants provide fresher, higher quality and often more health conscious food items than a typical quick-serve restaurant while still appealing to a relatively “fast” dining experience mentality. Example fast casual restaurants include Chipotle Mexican Grill, Panera Bread, Shake Shack, Habit Grill), Fiesta Restaurant Group, Noodles & Co, Zoe’s Kitchen, and Potbelly – all publicly traded. The fast casual segment makes up over $20 billion of the $580 billion restaurant sector.

North American Cannabis Holdings anticipates $1.5 million in revenue over the next 12 months to result from the opening of new AmeriCanna Cafe restaurants through license and franchise contracts with another $500,000 dollars to come in from the sale of our EVERx sports and fitness supplements.  The current forecast is estimated on only one license agreement expected to result in multiple AmeriCanna Cafe openings.  North American Cannabis Holdings is actively negotiating two additional agreements at this time and pursuing yet more.  Any additional agreements will potentially result in an upward revision of the current $2 million forecast.

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