Here’s the Trailer for Snoop Dogg’s New Weed Sitcom

sweetleaf August 3, 2016 0
Here’s the Trailer for Snoop Dogg’s New Weed Sitcom

We all know Snoop Dogg has a passion for weed. It’s like saying that Willy Wonka is into chocolate or Kanye West cares about Kanye West. And after successfully conquering the music world, Snoop is now turning his sights to the land of television. He is currently serving as the producer for an upcoming sitcom on MTV titled Mary + Jane, and from the show’s just-released trailer, it promises to be a stoner comedy for the ages.

Mary + Jane depicts two friends vying to become the premier “ganjapreneuers” of Los Angeles. As to be expected, wacky misadventures ensue. With a bizarre cast of guest stars and the girl duo at the center, one can’t help but draw comparisons to Comedy Central’s Broad City, but that may not be a bad thing. Snoop Dogg has also contributed the show’s theme song, and has been announced as an upcoming guest star along with the likes of Seth Green and Andy Daly.

Look out for Mary + Jane to premiere MTV on September 5.

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