Is Marijuana Safe During Pregnancy?

sweetleaf September 12, 2016 0
Is Marijuana Safe During Pregnancy?

Marijuana does not increase pregnancy risk according to new research. It does not have a negative outcome when it comes to premature birth and low birth weight. Still, experts do not encourage marijuana use during pregnancy.

Experts compared women who smoke marijuana and tobacco at the same time, those who smoke marijuana alone and those who did not smoke at all.

Results stated that women who smoke both marijuana and tobacco has 85 percent of having a preterm birth, while for those who smokes marijuana the risk does not longer exist same as the ones who does not smoke at all, according to Tech

With over 31 studies involving 7,800 women who used marijuana and tobacco at the same time during pregnancy and 124,000 women who did not use, experts were able to conclude that the risk of low birth weight was caused by tobacco and not marijuana, since they were able to identify between women who use tobacco over the ones who use marijuana alone. The results were published in a journal titled “Obstetrics & Gynecology.”

In line with this, studies also show that the risk of miscarriage while taking marijuana during pregnancy does not increase. Thus, having a baby that is smaller than normal for their gestational age has also no risk.

Though this studies revealed that marijuana has no significant risk in pregnant women, experts need more research for the effects on the baby’s brain. It is still important to think about the long-term effects of the cannabis since they only studied the pregnancy stage. Meanwhile, a study was conducted in animals and human egg cells in 2014. Results show that there might be a possibility that one of the side effects when smoking marijuana during the pregnancy stage could be the brain development of the baby, according to Live

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