Marijuana Company of America Launches HempSmart Brand

sweetleaf August 25, 2016 0
Marijuana Company of America Launches HempSmart Brand

MARIJUANA COMPANY OF AMERICA, an innovative cannabis and hemp marketing and distribution company, and its subsidiary (H Smart, Inc.) are pleased to announce the launch of the HempSmart brand and line of products. The first HempSmart branded CBD based product called “HempSmart BRAIN,” formulated to promote brain health, has entered the manufacturing process and is expected to ship by September 30, 2016.

This is a “first-of-a-kind, patent pending” new product that combines nootropic benefits with the additional cognitive enhancing benefits offered by CBD. Our team has developed a unique proprietary product with a water-soluble CBD base to enhance bioavailability that includes supporting ingredients that are proven cognitive enhancers.

With the expected release of the HempSmart BRAIN product next month, our marketing team is gearing up for an upcoming pre-launch. This pre-launch will enable management to access demand prior to the actual ship date and adjust the manufacturing pipeline accordingly.

“Over the years, I have successfully launched several new products into the marketplace. I feel this product line will absolutely surpass any product rollout I have done before. With the team we have in place, I am confident in a strong U.S. rollout, followed up by a global outreach,” said Mr. Steinberg, MCOA President.

The Company will initiate the pre-launch program approximately two weeks prior to the expected ship date of HempSmart’s BRAIN product. The HempSmart Division will utilize the growing Direct Sales industry as the method of product education and sales to consumers. Active participants in the direct sales program at HempSmart will be able to participate in a competitive, transparent and potentially lucrative compensation package in which members are rewarded for their sales and team’s performance.

“After more than 30 years in the Health and Wellness Industry, I can attest that these ultra-pure, all natural products will forever change the paradigm of nutritional supplementation. Backed by solid science, HempSmart technology harnesses the powerful synergy of premium bioavailable ingredients. Pairing the compelling benefits of legal organic hemp with other scientifically validated organic & highly bioavailable botanicals raises the bar in the nutritional supplement world,” said Paula Vetter, a seasoned and highly respected Certified Herbalist that serves as Chair of MCOA’s Medical Advisory Board.

Regarding the new product launch, Justin Davis, M.D., a member of the Company’s Medical Advisory Board stated, “As a physician and an athlete, I believe strongly in the optimization of mind and body. The HempSmart BRAIN product has the some of the most potent and beneficial ingredients to be found in a single formulation, and is my personal choice in my quest to protect and promote my own neural function.”

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